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Mindset Design: Set your Intentions for 2023

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

December 21, 2022


As we approach the end of the year, our mind wanders towards what we want to achieve in 2023. Revamping my career. Losing 10 pounds. Moving to my dream home.

We may feel the peer pressure to join the 'new year, new me' movement and start working on our big resolutions. The truth is, this process can become draining, leaving you even less motivated than you were when you started to pen your plans.

While goal setting is a powerful tool for accomplishing your daily/weekly/monthly agenda, when it comes to profound and lasting change, there are better, more gentle ways of carving your desires into the Universe.


They are the middle, fertile ground between a desire and a goal. When you desire something, you want or hope for something; either it's a specific object or an accomplishment. When you set a goal, you are thinking about a concrete result that you have to obtain.

Both are anchored into the future.

Intention, on the other hand, shifts your focus to the present, encouraging you to assess where you are now, what you want and what you can do about it.

When you manifest an intention, you gain more perspective about the process needed to succeed, making room for that change to happen.

Image via Kelly Brown

Resolutions often fail due to unrealistic expectations but also because they require constant discipline and a level of control that you may not have. You succeed solely if you make it to the finish line.

Intentions give you direction by encouraging you to reflect on the inner why behind your wishes and to live with purpose every day.

They drive action from within and enable you to enjoy the ride and the lessons along the way. All those small steps lead to substantial changes over time.

And not last, intentions train positive thinking.

So how do you harness the power of intention? Here are some tips:

Settle Down

Mindfulness techniques are excellent for getting into the right state of manifesting intentions. Find a quiet spot, free of distractions and start meditating for a few minutes.

Pay attention to your breathing and any physical sensations that you may experience.

If sitting still with your eyes closed doesn't come naturally (yet), choose your favourite way of unwinding. For example, sitting in your reading spot with a cup of tea in dim light.

Practice Positive Affirmations

Write down a list of positive assertions about what you desire to achieve or change in your life. Have your goals in mind but think further than that.

For example, if you want to improve your relationships in 2023, you could affirm: 'Today, I will be patient'. Repeat several times. Let it sink in.

Start your day with this in mind.

Use Your Imagination

Aid the affirmations with imagery. Picture the result of your intentions in your mind, imagine you are already there. How does that make you feel?

Visualization is a potent way to activate your affirmations.

Image via Yosigo_Yosigo

Start Simple

Smaller intentions count. From affirming your desire to have better sleep to imagining the beautiful, bright apartment you wish to live in someday, every intention is welcome.

Because it's yours.

… And Start Early

Don’t wait for January 1st. The sooner you practice setting intentions, the quicker it becomes a habit.

Today is always the perfect time.

Practice Regularly

Sit down often with your desires. 10-20 minutes every morning would be ideal, but it’s perfectly alright to find any other rhythm that suits you.

It helps to find a slot in your schedule that would work for you on a recurrent basis - for example, every Friday night - to create a wellness ritual. Trust the process.

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