about us

Ana Popovici Design is a London based interior design studio, established from the desire to create beautiful interiors that focus on enhancing the quality of life through a design holistic approach, with a focal point on wellbeing.


After working for a number of years as an interior designer for assorted interior architecture studios, Ana Popovici decided founding Ana Popovici Design Studio to work with a varied clientele.


Additionally, in order to deepen her knowledge as a designer and gain a greater understanding of the conceptual design process, she completed a Masters in Architecture & Interiors at Middlesex University.

our work

Functionality, durability and a sense of balance within a living space are equally important for us. Our expertise and passion for interior design are the driving force in order to achieve harmonious life balance and desired results for our clients.

We strive to create timeless and unique interiors for our clients, where they can experience not only a sense of peace, but also a sense of belonging and individuality.


Our design expertise draws upon years of experience in the industry tailored with craftsmanship collaborations, infused with our design feeling philosophy to encourage harmony, vitality and constructive changes in our clients' lives.