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We are a London-based interior design studio founded from the desire to create contemporary, well-balanced interiors that convey a sense of peace and belonging. 

We offer each home a fresh and elegant signature that blends everlasting sophistication with a twist of modernity while retaining a raw minimalist style.

After working for several years as an interior designer at various interior architecture studios, Ana decided to establish Ana Popovici Design Studio to connect with a broader clientele that shares her ethos. 

To deepen her knowledge and gain greater insight into the conceptual design process, she earned a Master’s in Architecture & Interiors at Middlesex University.

Ana P


Functionality, durability and balance in a living space are
equally significant to us. We are fond of organic colours, textures and materials that evoke the natural environment. We love history, features and stories of period buildings, honouring their heritage and being inspired by their potential.

Every project is a unique opportunity to bring our clients' visions to life, so we always take the time to listen and establish a good working relationship, which we believe is fundamental.

We guide our clients through the design process, from initial concept to completion, making sure not only to understand their brief but also to learn more about how they live.This allows us to develop designs that are perfectly tailored to our client’s lifestyles.

It’s always a joy to work with people that share our care for sustainability and nature, as we are committed to using ethically sourced products and materials on our projects.



We draw inspiration from Brancuși, Rodin and other pioneers of modern art, and we have a special affinity for naturalism and simplified form.Tradition is an infinite source of creativity and blends with modernity at the foundation of our design style.

Our philosophy gravitates towards well-being, helping our clients to live consciously and in harmony with the environment.
We heartily believe that when we align with the space that we live in, the quality of our lives and our families blossoms. 
Therefore, we fuse interior design with Feng Shui principles to create nourishing home environments.

Read more about our Feng Shui approach here.

Are you ready to reimagine your home?
We would love to hear from you.

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