intentional living 

At the core of Ana Popovici Design Studio is the desire to create a positive environment for your home.


Our areas of expertise range from initial concept design, space planning, bespoke joinery, selection of architectural materials and details, furniture sourcing, procurement, installation and styling.  We employ a holistic approach in the furniture selection process, by working with the finest suppliers, artisans and craftsmen.

We believe that handmade objects have an energy of their own and are the essence of our design ethos.

interior design

From the very beginning stage of concept design to space planning and the conscious selection of pure tactile, natural materials, sourcing for quality furniture items, our aim is to design a space which complements people's intuitive way of working and living.


creative direction

At the end of the design process, styling plays a very important role. By placing finishing touches to the entire space, we create synergy and harmony to your home, that can improve your overall sense of wellbeing.


Whether it is directing the Qi flow throughout your house; identify which areas are beneficial for you and which ones are not, we can help you create the spaces that supports your vision of a balanced life, rich in all the areas that matter to you.


Floor plan is required

Date & time of birth

A personalized Ba-gua map rendering of your home or office 

An in-depth interview to understand your specific goals and desired changes

Orientation of your space

Feng Shui cures can be implemented 

Nine star key analysis of all family members