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Balanced interiors through Feng Shui 

We draw inspiration by the pioneers of modern art, like Brancusi and Rodin, who took inspiration from tradition and the past. We also have a particular affinity for naturalism and the simplified form. For us, tradition is an infinite source of inspiration and the foundation for our design style, which blends with modernity and timelessness.


Tailoring our approach to each client and budget, our desire is that all of our clients have a home that feels as good as it looks because we believe that when we are in alignment with our home, the quality of our life and our families improves. By using the principles of classical Feng Shui our mission is to create interior schemes that simplify, balance & harmonise your home. With Feng Shui diagnosing methods you can assess what kind of energy your home has, and how you can make it work for you rather than against you.

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