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Wandsworth, London


Client: Private
Location: London, UK


Size: 195 sq ft

Key Requirements: Bespoke Interior Design services to maximise storage efficiency and create a peaceful and restorative space to unwind at the end of the day.

Services: Concept & Space Planning, Bespoke built-in storage space, FF&E and Styling

Photographer: Beth Davis



We couldn't be happier with our bedroom design! Ana's attentive listening and exceptional attention to detail exceeded our expectations. The incorporation of feng shui principles and natural materiality truly made a difference. Her close collaboration with the joiner ensured that the final result of the built-in wardrobe not only met our needs but also looked modern and blended seamlessly into the space. The use of natural texture wallpaper added a high-end feel to the room. Thank you for your exceptional work!


We had the pleasure of working with a young professional couple who recently moved into their flat and wanted to make the space feel personal and rejuvenating. 


Our goal was to create a peaceful and tranquil bedroom that would serve as a retreat from their busy lives. We achieved this by incorporating a calming color scheme and natural materials, such as wood, stone and linen. 


The layout was designed with feng shui principles in mind, including the positioning of the bed for optimal energy flow. To enhance the serene atmosphere, we carefully selected lighting features such as the Akari Noguchi pendant and the Lumina Daphine table lamp, which provide a warm and inviting glow. The natural texture of the wallpaper against the built-in wardrobe doors adds depth and interest to the space. 


We are thrilled with how all of these details came together to create a truly personal space that promotes relaxation and calmness for our clients.


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