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Battersea, London

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Client: Private
Location: London, UK


Size: 527 sq ft

Key Requirements: Creating a comfortable space with Scandinavian influences.Maximizing the storage space within the room. Creating a working desk that wouldn’t take too much space. 

Services: Concept & Space Planning, Bespoke Furniture Design, FF& E, Styling

Photographer: Lyubov Sergeevna

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We have really enjoyed the renovation experience with Ana. She came out with a beautiful concept! Her ideas  turned our living area not only into an amazing space to relax but also very functional, with plenty of storage space that will make our lives so much easier and organized.  

Ana was really a dream to work with and we really like her philosophy.”

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Life circumstances change, and with that, the functionality of our homes. 

It was also the case for our clients, who decided to move in together and start a run-from-home stationery & graphic design business.


Therefore, maximizing storage was an essential factor to have in mind.

At the same time, our beneficiaries wanted a comfortable space for the evenings, when they would sit to de-stress and watch movies.


Working from home also demanded a desk that would fit the design.

To satisfy all these needs, we have designed a built-in joinery unit that would store all the stationary items and paper. We selected a light oak finish for the flooring to bring warmth and brightness to the space and to shape a seamless look with the joinery.

Another built-in item we created was the sofa, which would give extra space for storing large pieces of paper on the sliding shelves underneath.

The black & white artwork we have placed above the sofa, designed by our client, offers a personal feeling to the room.

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